Thursday, April 10, 2014


  IYB Owner and Pro Skills Trainer Kent Culuko Will Be Flying Into Hannover Germany To Workout His Former Pro Team- The UBC Tigers!!  

While playing in Germany in 1997, Kent led the German Professional League in scoring with 24 PPG !!! Now the team is flying Kent back to help them with their shooting and middle game pullups !!!  IYB Pro Skills Training Is Going World Wide BABY!!!  The Team Realizes That To Be The Best They Have To Train With The Best!!! 

Kent plans on giving his Former Pro Team the whole repertoire of IYB Pro Skills Offensive Training Tips: including IYB Pro Footwork Techniques with Shooting and Finishing , IYB Pivot Series Drills and kent will top it off with The Culuko Perfect Form Shooting System Drills ! They will be more then ready to make this run and go deep into the German League Playoffs!!!  Let's GOOOOOOOO!!!!  Auf Wiedersehen! (Good Bye in German)

The IYB Basketball and Blaze Basketball Club Families Would Like to Wish Kent Good Luck and Safe Travels Over in Europe!! Do Your Thing Over There Coach Kent Like You Can Only Do!!!! World Class!!!