Monday, June 9, 2014

Updated: IYB Summer Camp 2014

IYB BASKETBALL SUMMER CAMP 2014 ! 14 Great Sessions to choose from NEW STARTING DATE TUES JUNE 24!!!!

Starting June 24 THRU August 29   For Boys and Girls Ages 5-17!! SUMMER  Camps For Beginners, Average Players  As Well as All American D 1 top recruits !!  18 years and running! Longest Tenured camp in NY/ NJ Area!!!! Learn Top innovative Skill Sets and State Of The Art Techniques From Our IYB Pro Skills Trainers who are regarded as the Best Trainers Around!! 

Also Learn The Culuko Shot Perfection System from owner of IYB  and former pro player Kent Culuko!   This Summer Dont Miss Out on at Least 1 Week of IYB Camp in our  3 Fully Air Conditioned locations Franklin Lakes, Wayne and Wyckoff !!   Also Introducing For The First Time Ever Done In This Area Our Top 40 Elite Invite Only Pro Camp In Wyckoff Aug 25-29! Gonna Be Something Unique and Special!!! For Girls Grades 8th-12th and Boys Grades 5th-12th!! 

Inquire Within!!!  IYB Camps will Provide For a Lifetime Long  Of Great Memories, Awards, Fun, And Fundamental Skill Sets To Elevate Your Game To The Next Level!!!  SPEAKING OF NEXT LEVEL CHECK OUT IYB's VERY OWN KYLE ANDERSON, UCLA BRUINS!!!  KYLE  IS PROJECTED TO BE A FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK IN 2014 NBA DRAFT!!! KYLE ANDERSON HAS TRAINED WITH IYB SINCE 7th GRADE!!!!

"Elevate Your Game"
"To Be The Best You Have To Train With The Best"
There Are Shots and There Are Big Shots.... Don't Be Afraid To Take The Big Shot" IYB Basketball Training

(I) Its (Y)Your (B) Best Shot For Success!!!!!!